The Original name in liftgates - SINCE 1941
TuckUnder platform trailer at ground level

TuckUnder™ Series

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TuckUnderTM liftgates mount to the chassis frame of a truck or trailer tailgate and store folded to provide full access to the vehicle doorway.

Anthony offers 5 model families of TuckUndersTM to cover a broad range of light, medium, and heavy duty applications in two ride types. Standard ramping ride models start level at the truck or trailer floor and gradually tilt to ground level. GLR (Gentle Level Ride) models stay level, then tilt gently once the platform contacts the ground.

The TuckUnderTM Series includes the cost effective simplicity of AST and AST-Plus, and the premium added features of ATU and ATU-GLR.

Magnum TuckUnderTM Series includes the commercial grade features and power of MTU-GLR.