The Original name in liftgates - SINCE 1941
Railtrac platform at ground level

Railtrac™ Series

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These models mount to the rear frame of a truck or trailer. They typically cover a portion of the rear doorway when stowed. Most may be lowered straight down to provide access to the doorway. They move straight up and down, providing a level ride cycle that runs aligned with the truck bed.

RailTracTM Series are chain-driven units suited for light & medium duty truck applications. They can be installed on van bodies, stake bodies, and low bed height vehicles, but are not recommended for use in trailer applications.

Magnum RailTracTM Series are direct hydraulic drive units that provide rock solid performance in heavy duty trailer applications. They are suited for truck body, stake body, and trailer gate applications. They work well in dock loading, pallet delivery, wheeled cart delivery, or other rigorous delivery options.