Van and Flatbed Truck Liftgates

ETU - 2000 & 2500 LBS - Tuckunder™

AST - 1500-3500 LBS - Tuckunder™

SM - 1800-3000 LBS - Tuckunder™

ATU-GLR - 2500-3000 LBS - Tuckunder™

DCT - 2500 & 3300 LBS - Tuckunder™

MTU-GLR - 2500-6000 LBS - Magnum Tuckunder™

AR - 1800-3000 LBS - Railtrac®

PCR - 1800-3000 LBS - Railtrac®

MRT - 3500-6500 LBS - Magnum Railtrac®


Tuckunder™ liftgates mount to the chassis frame of a truck or trailer. They stow folded beneath the rear of the vehicle to provide full access to the rear doorway when not in use.


RailTrac® models mount to the rear frame of a truck or trailer. They move straight up and down, providing a level ride cycle that runs aligned with the truck bed at all times. When stowed, the platform typically covers a portion of the rear doorway. Many models have platforms that may be lowered straight down to provide access to the doorway, or for dock loading.